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Q3 Message from the ISC Kentucky President: State of the Company

Q3 Message from the ISC Kentucky President: State of the Company

Well, now 2020 is hindsight. It was a roller coaster of a year, marked by historic tragedies, but also by almost inconceivable advances in medicine and[CG1]  communication and newly evolved business practices.

ISC had more blessings than adversities to mark the close of our first two decades of service to Kentuckiana businesses. It was a good year for the I.T. industry, and ISC was well positioned to benefit. With 19 years spent developing processes for every business scenario, we were prepared to escort our client companies through unprecedented challenges. We solved the overnight tribulation of remote operations for dozens of small businesses in Kentucky and Indiana. We guided our corporate users as some adopted a new leadership position—chief remote officer—that was not even on the radar a year earlier. And we helped ISC clients as they eased their own employees’ transition to a home-based workplace.

The American Dream

In 2001, the concept of managed I.T. services was in its infancy. Cloud computing seemed about as futuristic as “the year 2020.” It was the beginning of a technology explosion, and ISC was founded to allow business leaders to focus on their goals rather than worrying about their computer infrastructure.

ISC’s successes in 2020 were possible because of our team of dedicated professionals. Now, as we begin to celebrate our 20th year, I have taken time to reflect on where we are and where we started. When I look back, I am amazed. From a one-man shop to a regional I.T. services powerhouse, ISC has exemplified the American Dream. We have been blessed to serve some clients for most of those two decades, helping them achieve similar growth in that span. And ISC employees—most of whom are long-term team members—have shared in the blessings.

What comes next

It should come as no surprise that ISC’s focus on securing and improving the remote work experience will continue in 2021. To safeguard our clients, data security will be front and center, with continual process improvement our mission for the year ahead.

I predict that the Cloud will continue to evolve this year and throughout the 2020s, and I have dedicated ISC resources to ensure we are at the forefront of services our clients will want—even before they know they want them. Some of the Cloud expansion will be a return to the basics—back-up and disaster recovery. There has been a proliferation of service providers in this space, and not all of them are equal. Part of our role will be to guide clients to safe, secure, private Cloud hosting.

The year ahead promises to be exciting. We will continue to grow. As the events of 2020 made clear, we can’t predict everything that will happen, but we can rededicate ourselves to being prepared for whatever 2021 holds.

As we celebrate 20 years—officially, our vicennial anniversary—I wanted to say “thank you” to our past and  future clients.

We made a promise to provide exceptional service to our clients and to build a reputation[CG4]  our clients and employees could be proud of. Today, we renew that vow as we start the next 20[CG5] .

Moving forward, I’ll forward smart insights about technology. And of course, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

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